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¿What are free proxies?

Free proxies servers are a kind of buffer between a computer and the resources on the Internet that you are accessing. You are allowed to circumvent content filters and browse your favorite websites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google and many more in an anonymous way, without revealing your location (IP address).

¿Qué son proxies gratis?

Los servidores proxies gratuitos son una especie de buffer entre un equipo y los recursos en Internet a los que está accediendo. Se le permite burlar los filtros de contenido y navegar por sus sitios web favoritos como Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google y muchos más de manera anónima, sin revelar su ubicación (dirección IP).

Web Proxy

Do not let the hackers, your boss or the government track you on the Internet and prevent you from seeing your favorite sites and hiding your information. When you connect to a website through this web proxy you will be safer because you will not really be connected directly to that website you are browsing . Anonymizer-online it is a proxy server that changes your IP address for another one to keep you Anonymous in this way they will not know who you are and you will be safer sailing freely.

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